Maurice Scollard Baldwin On the 17th of October 1883 the Synod of the Diocese of Huron assembled in London to elect a bishop in succession to Right Rev. Dr. Hellmuth, resigned.   The result of the first ballot was the election of Right Rev. Edward Sullivan, D.D., Bishop of Algoma, who at the time was in England.  Bishop Sullivan having declined, three more ballots were taken on the following day, October 18th. On the fourth ballot the Very Rev. M. S. Baldwin, Dean of Montreal, was elected by fifty-seven clerical votes (fifty-five necessary) and ninety-one lay votes (fifty-seven necessary).

Maurice Scollard Baldwin was born in Toronto in the year 1836.   He was the son of John Spread Baldwin.   His mother Anne was daughter of Mayor-General Shaw.   The Hon. Robert Baldwin was his first cousin.   The future Bishop received his early education in Upper Canada College, and subsequently graduated from Trinity University, Toronto, taking the degrees of B.A. and M.A.   He was admitted to Holy Orders in 1860 and 1861 by Right Rev. Dr. Cronyn, first Bishop of Huron.

After serving as curate in St. Thomas - then but a small country town - he was appointed incumbent of Port Dover.   Mr. Baldwin, at the very beginning of his ministry, showed a talent for preaching and public speaking far above the average.   Possessed of fervid piety and a ready utterance, his sermons and addresses always held unabated attention; and Montreal - greedy of good preachers! - soon laid its hand upon the promising young Canadian.   In 1868 he was appointed Rector of St. Luke's Church of that city; but in a short time (1870) was appointed junior assistant to Christ Church Cathedral, with the title of Canon.   Here he soon attracted marked attention by his carefully prepared discourses, spoken without notes and in that clear, emphatic enunciation which has always been one of his leading characteristics.

He married, in his early clerical life, Miss Ermatinger, of St. Thomas, who, however, was left with him but a short time.   In 1870 he married Sarah Jessie, youngest daughter of John J. Day, Esq., Q.C., of Montreal, a lady who has always been a valuable help in her husband's many duties.

Canon Baldwin was "evangelical" in his views as a Churchman; but it never seemed as if his motive for being so was simply to help a party, but merely because he felt that that was the right way to reach the heart of fallen man and help him on his way to God.   In 1872, on the death of Dean Bethune, Canon Baldwin was selected by the congregation of the cathedral as their rector, and was appointed thereto by the Bishop (Dr. Oxenden).   Archdeacon Bond, Rector of St. George's Church, was at the same time appointed Dean of Montreal; but when Dean Bond was elevated to the episcopate (1879) he bestowed the position of Dean upon Canon Baldwin.   Shortly afterwards Trinity College, Toronto, his alma mater, admitted him; jure dignitatis to the degree of D.D.

The above was published in 1896
The Rt. Revd Maurice Scollard Baldwin M.A., D.D., died in office 19 October 1904.